242sDay – vol. 8


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What two things will you see here today? I have absolutely no idea, but if I have learned one thing about writing it’s this: show up and the words will follow. The book that I have just cracked open is written by a wise woman, Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) and she reminded me of this a few moments ago as I read the first chapters of her book, The Right to Write. 

In chapter 3 she writes, “Writing is about getting something down, not thinking something up.” She goes on to say, “Another way to think of it is that writing is the art of taking dictation, not giving it.”

I suppose, in a sense, I actually did just take dictation from Julia by quoting her words of wisdom…2 quotes, to be exact, which would cover 242sDay nicely, expect I’m not quite satisfied yet. Could it be because I missed last week and feel that I’ve short-changed you? Yes, that’s exactly it.

Unfortunately, that puts me right back to where I started…with no 2 things to share with you tonight. This recent move to Connecticut has really thrown my writing and creativity off track, as I’ve been working diligently to unpack and organize. It’s been going well, although we are still waiting on delivery of 2 new desks, both of which will help immensely in the final touches of organization. At the moment, my laptop is resting precariously on the arm of the sofa, each stroke of the keys causing it to wobble to and fro. My Macbook is getting a good core workout. Based on the hot flash I’m having right now, you’d think I was, too.

It may just be the smoldering, internal heat talking, but upon further consideration, I’ve decided that the 2 Julia Cameron quotes will suffice. Like a rock star with laryngitis, my secretarial (writing) skills of dictation and concentration have left the building. Curtains are closing. No encore. No autographs. No refunds. Say goodnight, Tyna. Goodnight Tyna.



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