She Gets By With A Little Help From Her Zin


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“Shall I go out, or shall I stay in?

I wish I had company, maybe some kin.

Ouch! I feel pain, high on my shin!

I can’t believe it! The coffee table again!

Where are my glasses? Perhaps in the den?

No, they’re not here…goodness sakes! It’s already 10?

Time for The Wheel…don’t wanna’ miss the first spin!

Hey, that guy’s a cutie. Wonder if he’ll win?

If I were a young girl, I’d happily wear his pin.

I might even let him take me out for a gin.

He’d probably ignore me…date someone who’s thin.

Well, who needs him anyway? They’re all alike…MEN!

Isn’t it noon yet? I could do with some zin.

If you drink in the morning, is it considered a sin?

Perhaps I’ll go out, or should I stay in?”

-Tyna S. Cline © 7/8/15

When you read this poem, did you do so with humor, in an adult Dr. Seuss sort of way? If so, reread it, but this time imagine a bitter, lonely old woman who has driven away her friends and loved ones and has little to look forward to each day. Surely, all of us has known someone like this. I find it rather heartbreaking.


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