Say I Do to the Haiku


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Haikus used to scare me. Not as in, “Oh my God! It’s a haiku! Run for your life!” But rather, I didn’t feel comfortable with trying to write them. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I could never remember the correct number of syllables per line, which is really pathetic. In fact, that’s the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever given for anything…at least, I hope it is. The pattern of a 5 syllable line/7 syllable line/5 syllable line is as simple as the syrup in cocktail. Truth be told, as with everything I avoid doing, it was just fear of failure.

No more fear. This week, I have said, “I do,” to the haiku. Here, I present three of my humble attempts.


Steam rises and sings

Water has begun to dance

Tea time waits no more


Shadows carve the light

Put out by the setting sun

Worthy art indeed


Crisp rays of sunshine

Cut through puffy clouds of white

Like a knife through cheese


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