10 Signs That You Might Be a Writer


You may have a job or hobby that has nothing to do with writing, but still be meant for writing. Some things are in our blood, whether we know it or not. After thinking about my own slow journey to calling myself a writer, I’ve identified a few indicators that I missed along the way, from childhood to adulthood.

Here are some things to consider.

1) You might be a writer if, as a child, your favorite make-believe play involved being a teacher, an office worker, or anything else that involved using a pen, pencil, marker or chalk.

2) You might be a writer if your favorite stores to browse are stationary, office supply or book stores, and not tire of it for hours.

3) You might be a writer if, while performing a task oriented job (chopping veggies, vacuuming), you have entire conversations with yourself in your head…or aloud (I won’t tell if you don’t).

4) You might be a writer if you own enough pens, pencils, notebooks and journals to fill the supply cabinet of a 20 employee office.

5) You might be a writer if it’s easier to toss a favorite old sweater/t-shirt than an old notebook filled with just one page of your thoughts/ideas.

6) You might be a writer if you always have a pen in your purse/pocket, along with a small Moleskine or other notebook.

7) You might be a writer if you don’t bore easily because it’s incredibly easy to get lost in your own imagination.

8) You might be a writer if you find comfort in simply holding a notebook and favorite pen in your lap.

9) You might be a writer if you still write and send snail mail and pick up your own mail in hopes of receiving the same.

10) You might be a writer if you had a strong desire to read this list.


The Truth of It


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As promised, here are the answers to the Tyna Trivia questions from my last post. I sure hope no one lost sleep over it this weekend! (Do you see the sarcasm dripping from your screen?) The quick answer, only the first and last of the 10 questions were false. Here’s the lowdown in a nutshell.

1) When Tyna was a child, she was afraid of clowns. Never, not even as a young adult while reading Stephen King’s, “IT.”

2) Tyna taught herself to juggle when she was in college. I had seen a short ‘how to’ article in a magazine and decided it would be a cool thing to learn. The next day, I bought myself a can of tennis balls and, whenever I watched TV, I would practice. Within a week or so, I was able to keep all three balls in the air for about 5 minutes. I’ll bet you could learn, too, if you’re patient.

3) Tyna was born with a club foot. Yes, and it was corrected when I was a baby. I had a cast at 6 months of age, then wore braces on my feet at night until I was about 2 years old. Whatever they did, it worked. I have no lingering side effects (although some of my friends might say I trip a lot…you know who you are.)

4) Tyna saw Dan Fogelberg in concert 8 times, but failed to ever meet him. This is sadly true. He was my favorite singer/songwriter and I was lucky enough to see him in concert often, but never did meet him. Gone too soon but never forgotten. Thank goodness, his music lives on.

5) At age 11, Tyna rode a Yamaha in a mini-bike race against several boys. It was the early ’70s and the women’s movement was in full swing. I sped around the quarter-mile dirt track with those boys, pig tails flowing from the bottom of my helmet. I didn’t win the race, didn’t even come close, but I did cross the finish line ahead before one of those boys. He feigned engine trouble to save face. 

6) In Tyna’s humble opinion, “The ‘Burbs” is Tom Hanks’ most underrated movie. Duh! It costarred Bruce Dern and Henry Gibson. Need I say more?

7) Tyna was 33 years old, married and the mother of 2 sons before it struck her that she was an adult. One day I was doing laundry, MOTH was out of town on business, B was at school and K was playing in the family room. I reached for the detergent and suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As strange as it sounds, it took me by complete surprise. 

8) Tyna fell butt first into a mud puddle within 5 minutes of being announced homecoming queen. It was traditional at my high school to announce the king and queen on the night before the dance, at the bonfire rally. It had rained all day. Shortly after the announcement was made, I was making my way over to the bonfire, came upon a big mud puddle and tried to jump over it. Epic fail. (Do you the see a pattern? My struggles with being ladylike started at a very early age. Come to think of it, maybe I should blame the club foot.)

9) Coconut – Yuck. Double yuck…unless, of course, it’s on a Samoas Girl Scout cookie, in which case its yuckiness is transformed into yumminess.

10) Tyna has a really good, “OH MY GOD, THERE’S A SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!” story. Nope. I do, however, have a fantastic, “OH MY GOD, THERE’S A BAT IN THE HOUSE!” story. You just might read about it on this blog some day, but, honestly, I’m not sure it will translate well without the aid of my arms flailing about.

I promise not to put you through this nonsense anytime again soon, but in the meantime, thank you for playing this edition of, “I Must Really Be Bored.”

Tyna Trivia


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Today I got the crazy idea that some of you may want to know me better. I’m completely aware of my delusions, but I ask that you humor me, as I can’t think of anything else to write about today. How about we make a trivia game of it? I’ll list 10 fact or fiction sentences, you will read each of them and shout out, “True!” or “False!” Just promise me that you won’t shout too loudly if you happen to be in a library, church or funeral home while you play. I have horrible visions, such as:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son…”


You get the picture. Use your best judgment and try not to get carried away in your excitement.

You will anxiously await your test results, or not, until Monday, at which time I will give a short, behind the scenes insight to each statement. Here we go!

1) When Tyna was a child, she was afraid of clowns.

2) Tyna taught herself to juggle when she was in college.

3) Tyna was born with a club foot.

4) Tyna saw Dan Fogelberg in concert 8 times, but failed to ever meet him.

5) At age 11, Tyna rode a Yamaha in a mini-bike race against several boys.

6) In Tyna’s humble opinion, The ‘Burbs is Tom Hanks’ most underrated movie.

7) Tyna was 33 years old, married and the mother of 2 sons before it struck her that she was an adult.

8) Tyna fell butt first into a mud puddle within 5 minutes of being announced homecoming queen.

9) Coconut – Yuck.

10) Tyna has a really good, “OH MY GOD, THERE’S A SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!” story.

All righty then. That’s me in a nut shell…or, is it? Stay tuned…


Nine Months


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First of all, let me put your mind to rest. It’s not the traditional 9 months I speak of; lest you forget, I am post menopausal.

Now that I’ve put those fears and rumors to rest, today marks 9 months since I sat behind the wheel of a car. Perhaps I should clarify once again…steering wheel. I don’t recall ever having sat behind an actual wheel of a car and I hope to keep it that way.

We sold our cars when we moved to the heart of Manhattan last summer, a wise move on our part. Between parking and insurance, we save a ton of money…money that promptly gets eaten up in rent. MOTH has rented a car a couple of times to cross the river for a round of golf, but all in all, we have no need for a set of our own wheels.

I hadn’t really missed driving until just recently. I love to walk and, when I have to go a little further, public transportation suits me just fine. I do have to give much forethought to my grocery shopping, which can be annoying. On the bright side, it keeps me from overspending on impulse items.

From the geeky environmental view, not owning a car makes me feel better about my carbon footprint, although it’ll take many years for me to make up for the big honkin’ SUV I drove for 7 years. Perhaps not eating meat anymore is making up some ground, too. Ah, heck…let’s face it. No matter my recent efforts, my footprint is most likely the size of the Jolly Green Giant.

Okay, back on topic. I haven’t missed driving until recently. Here’s the thing, though. I’m not sure if it’s the actual act of driving that I miss, or just being in the car by myself, singing to my music. (Even the embarrassment of being caught in the act wasn’t enough to make me stop.)  I know one thing for certain. I don’t miss driving in traffic and stopping at red lights every other minute. It’s not even the highway driving. If I miss driving, it’s of the country road variety. Honestly, even when we owned cars, I didn’t get that kind very often.

The best was when we lived in Connecticut many moons ago. Winding, tree-lined, narrow roads…the best driving by a long shot, especially as spring forced winter to bow out, with temps rising, sun shining, windows down, and my music playing a little louder than usual. That. Was. Awesome! Seriously, it just doesn’t get any better.

Hah! I just realized, there’s a country song about that kind of driving, isn’t there? I think it’s a big hit, something about a girl making the guy want to roll down his windows? Okay, I must search for the song. Excuse me for a moment. Here’s some music to entertain you while you wait.


Found it! Florida Georgia Line, Cruise. Of course, you probably knew that already. I can understand why the song is a hit. Now, I really want to take a country drive. That should be happening in May when I make a trip to the old homestead. In preparation, I think there’s a song that needs to be added to my iPod.

Museum Fun


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On Saturday, I went with a couple of friends to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve visited the Met before, but this outing was unique. Thanks to one of my friends, we signed up for a tour with Museum Hack, a company that promises, “This is not your grandma’s museum tour.” I’m happy to report, promise fulfilled.

There are several reasons that I loved this experience, one being that the group sizes are kept small at no more than 9 people. On this day, there were only 7 of us, plus the entertaining and knowledgable guide, Elliot. The tour is anything but stuffy and boring. I would recommend for knowledgable museum lovers. This experience is tailored to those of us who like museums (or think they should like museums), but find them overwhelming, perhaps even confusing.

Don’t expect to make a stop at multitudes of art pieces. I think Elliot explained 9 or 10 different works to the group, but with much depth and in an absolutely entertaining fashion. Think of it as the story behind the story. On this particular tour, there was talk of beer drinking, partying, prostitution, Google maps, Harry Potter, magic wands and much more. The works highlighted and the stories you’re told will vary, depending on the guide and their mood that day, which is why I’ll do it again.

Not just for decoration; it's a flask!

Not just for decoration; it’s a flask!

One thing you can be sure of, it’s not recommended for young children. Elliot suggested that if you plan to bring the kids along, they should be at least 13 or 14 years old. He also encouraged us from the git go to have our smart phones at the ready. Pictures, selfies, tweeting, pinning, posting…all are encouraged in a big way.

Don’t let the mention of all this modern communication fool you, though. During our rest period, he handed each of us a post card, with a promise to mail it anywhere in the world at Museum Hack’s expense. Once we turned our post card over to him, he used an instant camera to take fun, individual pictures of his guests. As you can see from the picture below, I chose to tell a secret to someone I knew I could trust.

Museum Hack sent me home with a fun photo and a $5 coupon.

Museum Hack sent me home with a fun photo and a $5 coupon.

Two hours seemed just the right amount of time for a fun-filled Met tour. I am so excited to have this in my little (mental) box of things to do when visitors are in town. What’s more, Museum Hack has recently added tours for the American Museum of Natural History, one I’ll be certain to sign up for next! Elliot told us that the company is looking to expand to other museums in other cities. Might I suggest Chicago? Pretty please?



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